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Why Choose Cremation

When most people think of cremation, they think it is one decision. But there are many options to cremation, including many who choose to bury the cremated remains. They can, of course, be scattered. They can be set adrift at sea. They can even be placed in a mausoleum. Another option is permanent possession, where ashes are kept by a loved one. The options are virtually endless.

How Cremation Works

Cremation is a process of changing a deceased person to ash and particles via heat. While traditional burial is still the most popular type of funeral in America, cremation is becoming more popular. Cremated remains are placed in an urn and then are either scattered, buried or kept in a home or office.

Cremation Explained

Here are five of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our cremation option:

  • Is cremation cheaper than burial?
  • Does cremation save on internment and burial fees?
  • Is cremation quick and easy?
  • Is cremation environmentally friendly?
  • Does cremation mean a quick return to nature?

The answer to all five questions is simply, “Yes.” Call us for details and more answers to all your cremation questions.

Attend one of our free seminars on cremation or call us to get answers to your questions.

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Why Choose Cremation

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